The Vitality Awards

One of the best-known initiatives in The Hague is the Vitality Awards, a competition in which the city invites senior citizens to share their ideas on how to improve the city to meet the needs of seniors. The best ideas are rewarded with a Vitality Award.

The awards are a way of thanking the citizens of The Hague for their efforts in helping to create a senior-friendly city. The Vitality Awards encourage the inhabitants of The Hague (both individuals and organisations) to play an active role in the life of the city.

The initiatives come in various shapes and sizes and encompass a wide range of themes. Examples have included social restaurants, coaching in the use of new media or how to make online payments safely, as well as ideas about the use of internet, a senior-friendly walking area or a walking buddy in the neighborhood.

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The Vitality Awards are presented to organizations or local residents in each city district who have developed initiatives to promote the active involvement of senior citizens in the city. Prior to the award ceremony, the suggested projects are presented and discussed at meetings organized in each of the city districts. These meetings are also an opportunity to secure the collaboration of other parties that may be needed to implement the plans.

With the help of good ideas and great initiatives, the city can further improve the quality of life in the city.

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Community battling Loneliness

The Community battling Loneliness (‘Community tegen Eenzaamheid’) is a collaboration of entrepreneurs, professionals and volunteers, who were all looking for chances and opportunities to combat loneliness. This results in surprising coalitions.

In recent past coalitions were created between ADO Den Haag (local soccer club), Xtra(welfare), Pathé cinemas, Buddy Network, Resto VanHarte, and migrant senior citizens. And this is only the beginning!

Granny Hip Hop Crew

The Granny Hip Hop Crew is one of the many initiatives taken to make The Hague age-friendly. At weekly sessions the ladies have fun and by connecting with one another avoid feeling lonely. Learn more about the Granny Hip Hop Crew in this video.

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