Information workshops
October 3rd

On Tuesday October 3rd from 11 AM to 4 PM six workshops will take place on several locations in the city of The Hague. Each workshop will have introductory speeches, field visits and project presentations.  

Please note: the programme below may be subject to change.



Short outlines (drafts) 



This workshop focuses on ageing in relation to the diverse (socio-economic, cultural, religious, ethnic) backgrounds of older people. How to deal with a diverse (older) population regarding questions to improve quality of life, health, care and participation.  

  1. “Diversity matters”
    Frédéric Lauscher – Frankfurt, Director of the board, Frankfurter Verband
  2. “The Diversity of LGBT Seniors”
    Eveline van de Putte – The Hague, Writer, photographer and trainer, cofounder of the Empowerment Foundation
  3. "Working with acculturation process"
    Lola Casal Sanchez – Madrid, Chair of European Network on Intercultural Elderly Care (ENIEC)
  4. “Patient @Home”
    Paul Doop - The Hague, Chairman Board of Directors, Haaglanden Medical Centre
  5. “Exercising together – Healthy aging for elderly immigrants through physical fitness activities”
    Eva Rönkkö – Helsinki, Project coordinator at The Pensioniers
  6. “A superdiverse city and how we deal with it” Margo van Rheenen - The Hague, Director MEE Zuid-Holland
    Noord, Xtra

Workshop director: Jan Booij

Speakers: Frédéric Lauscher
Lola Casal Sanchez (Eniec)
Paul Doop (MCH)
Eva Rönkkö (The Pensioniers)
Margo van Rheenen
Eveline van de Putte

In cooperation with:
Divers Den Haag


To improve quality of life and to add better health to longer lives it is essential to work on the vitality of older people. How to improve vitality, mobility and beauty of older people will be the main subjects of this workshop. 

Workshop director:
Bob Matulessy & Helma Wigmans

Joris Slaets (Leyden Academy on Vitality and Aging)
Mary Craig (Edinburgh)
Christiaan Rademaker (Menzis)

In cooperation with:
• Boodschappenbegeleidingsdienst
• Old Stars / Walking Football
• Verhalentafels

Older people’s participation 

Manchester’s Older People’s Charter: “Older people have the right to choice and control and to meaningfully influence the decision-making processes that affect their lives. They have the right to be engaged in shaping all aspects of life, including involvement in the design and delivery of the services that are provided to support them.”  
Why, what and how do we involve older people in daily policies, health care, businesses?  

Workshop director:
Joost van Vliet en Willeke van Staalduinen

Paul McGarry & Esme Ward (Manchester)
Anne-Sophie Parent (AGE Platform Europe)
Suzan van de Pas (Leiden University Applied Sciences)
Laura Christ (Active 80+ en Mobility Scouts)

In cooperation with:
• Laakse Lente
• Chinese Brug
• Buurtcoöperatief Eigenwijzer
• Stedelijke Ouderen Commissie & Monitoring Platform


Nowadays it becomes clear that the impact of the one-child policy on Chinese society is immense. Chinese working population is shrinking and the population is ageing rapidly. Over 90% of all urban children, and over 60% of rural children have no brothers or sisters.  
Issues of ageing, like combating loneliness/isolation and improving participation will be part of this workshop. 

Workshop director:
Janneke van Reeuwijk

Fred Beekers (Community battling Loneliness)
Conny van den Berg (Xtra)
Gerard Jan Blauw (LUMC/HMC)
Meralda Slager (HBO-V)

In cooperation with:
• Laakse Lente
• Chinese Brug
• Buurtcoöperatief Eigenwijzer
• Stedelijke Ouderen Commissie & Monitoring Platform


New York has the proud distinction of being the first state in the nation to enact a Human Rights Law, affording every citizen “an equal opportunity to enjoy a full and productive life.” The workshop Accessibility introduces further the work on accessibility that is going on in New York. Accessibility here is meant like: physical, financial and social accessibility. Together with examples from The Netherlands and The Hague in particular the audience will learn and discuss how to improve the accessibility for all. 

Workshop director:
Roy Wesenhagen

Victor Calise (MOPD)
Donna Corrado (MOD of Aging)
Floris Alkemade (Chief Government Architect)
Ieke de Leeuw (Voorall)
Agnette Overdevest (MEE)

In cooperation with:
• Beweegtuin Zuiderpark
• Onbeperkt 070 Award

Support and independent living with ICT 

Innovative solutions like Ehealth, domotics, robotics, digital health in India and The Hague will be further explained and explored during this workshop.  

Workshop director:
Nicole Menke en Ram Ramlal

Mrs. Maulishree (coordinator MoU)
Nick Guldemond (Erasmus SHP&M)
Deirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmer (HHS)
Dorien Voskuil (HHS)

In cooperation with:
• iZi ervaarwoning
• Xtra
• Sophia Revalidatie