About age-friendly cities

The Hague inspires its citizens to remain active and vital. It provides social support to combat loneliness and to promote social participation and a sense of community. The city works closely together with organizations and communities to keep neighbourhoods accessible and safe. The Hague Age-Friendly City Policy is targeted at senior citizens (over-65s) and is designed to encourage them to play their part in implementing the programme of the city’s governing coalition. That programme is based on three priorities:

The city addresses these issues and priorities by motivating and activating citizens and through cooperation with other organisations and enterprises. Citizens are encouraged to take the initiative and share responsibility for achieving the goals of the programme. With funds from the city and its partners, alliances are formed to meet the needs and wishes of senior citizens in The Hague.

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Action programme

The age-friendly city tailors its structures and services to the diverse needs and capacities of its older inhabitants. The World Health Organisation and The Hague have defined eight focal points that all play a part in improving city life:

Improving vitality

There is a lot that senior citizens are still able and willing to do and that, rather than their possible limitations, is what the city focuses on. A person’s ability to participate in society does not end because they are elderly. There is a lot that people can do to maintain their vitality. Throughout the year the city facilitates activities and awareness campaigns to promote that idea. One example is the annual ‘Month of Vitality’ which usually starts on the first Friday in October, the National Day of the Elderly.

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Want to know more about the age-friendly The Hague? Download our infographic, which covers our most recent research findings in all eight focus domains. Or download the brochure for more in-depth information. Still hungry for more? Check out our action programme and our success stories.

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