Cities Conference
On innovation, health & active ageing
October 2-4The Hague

The Conference

From 2-4 October 2017, The Hague, the first city in the Netherlands to join the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities, will be hosting the Age-friendly Cities Conference The Hague on innovation, health and active ageing. As city council we work closely with our residents, volunteers and businesses to create the ideal environment to promote the vitality, independence and social engagement of the people of The Hague. We drive this process in part with the use of technology and other innovations. I am proud that The Hague, as a member of the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities, is organising this conference and offering you the perfect opportunity to gain inspiration and explore the possibilities with one another. The conference is the occasion to share your opportunities with others.

Karsten Klein
Deputy Mayor and Alderman
responsible for Economic Affairs, Harbours, Welfare and Health

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Photo by Sebastiaan Nederhoed

Towards an age-friendly city

A city for everyone. For the young, the elderly and all ages in between. A lively, vibrant and safe city. That is what The Hague is striving to create in its new alliance with the World Health Organisation (WHO). Together with network partners, the city encourages active ageing in the urban environment by optimising opportunities for healthy activities and social participation and promoting security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age.

In 2014, The Hague was the first Dutch city to join the World Health Organisation’s network of age-friendly cities. Shortly afterwards, the city launched a qualitative study to investigate how senior citizens experience their neighbourhoods and since then has used the findings from that research to continuously improve its policies for senior citizens and life in the city.

With over 70,000 inhabitants over the age of 65 − a number that is likely to double within the next two decades − and a growing population, The Hague is taking the lead in creating a future-proof city. A city in which senior citizens can live a self-reliant, active and purposeful life.

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Various initiatives have been taken to support the development of The Hague as a senior-friendly city. These projects touch on various aspects of life in the city, ranging from vitality to loneliness. Learn more about the Vitality Awards, Out of the Box and The Granny Hip Hop Crew here.

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Photo by D'article Enterprise BV
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